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Orange Chronic Cleaner

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To get the most enjoyment from your smoking devices, you need to keep them clean. Instead of scrubbing, rescrubbing, and waiting for a sub-standard cleaner to work, the Orange Chronic citrus based cleaner works quickly and efficiently. This glass super strength cleaner is just what you need to keep your smoking devices clean and fresh. It doesn't leave behind any lingering unpleasant odor and is an earth friendly formula that gently and effectively cuts through all your dirt and grime. This versatile cleaner works on glass, metal, and ceramic. This means you can count on it to clean all your smoking accessories with ease. 

It's easy to use Orange Chronic Cleaner.  Just drop your smoking device or accessory into the cleaner and give it a shake. You'll see immediate results. Your pipe or smoking accessory will be sparkling clean and fresh.