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MyPress Gen 2 Portable Manual Rosin Press

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MyPress is an easily portable, lightweight personal rosin press designed from the ground up in wonderful Colorado. The custom 3” × 3” stainless steel Axiom pressing plates distribute heat evenly across their surface. MyPress comes with an LCD display that is helpful and easy to read and understand. The accompanying button layout is simple and straightforward. Just set the heat to your desired temperature between 100° to 250° fahrenheit (37°C – 121°C) and you’re ready to begin your press.

MyPress also comes with a count-up timer that pauses when the press is opened and resets from zero when it is closed back. This beneficial timer allows the operator to productively track the process and fine-tune adjustments to ensure the best yield and finest quality. This proprietary innovation allows the operator to record and plot out the best starting material-specific results so they can come back later and achieve the same results. While the quality of starting material directly influences the end result, MyPress will pull the most out of any material that you may have. MyPress is easy to use and requires a minimum amount of force to close and lock the plates. MyPress Manual Rosin Press is capable of achieving industry-specific standards from quality starting materials.

Rosin Tech is becoming prized for their cost effective and safe machines. MyPress solventless process empowers growers, clients, and patients with convenience and pride in their end product. This cutting-edge Personal Manual Press Features:

  • Solventless extraction
  • Portable and lightweight with a limited footprint
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Easy-to-Use Functions and Features
  • Minimal effort needed to exert 6 tons of pressure
  • Adjustable temperature controlled plates
  • Front facing timer
  • Produces industry standard yields



My new favorite online smoke shop!

Paducah, KY

Fast shipping and exactly what I needed.

Wellington, KS

Love my new American made KV piece! Couldn't be more happy with the fast shipping and great prices!

Issaquah, WA

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