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LIT Culture Butterscotch Extract Shot


Taking your relaxation and inspiration to new heights, the Lit Butterscotch Kratom shot is cultivated with the same peerless quality and assurance you’ve come to expect from Lit Culture. Rejuvenate and elevate yourself with one of the best tasting kratom shots.

Like a fine cognac, Lit Culture’s superior kratom extract proves that everything only gets finer with age. Made from the maturest leaves, making this their most refined and potent extract yet. Robust in flavor and smooth in texture, Kratom savants will appreciate the notes of butterscotch that round out this intense but delectable experience.

  • Lit Culture Private Reserve
  • 15ml per bottle
  • Full Spectrum (Red Vein)
  • Extensive lab testing

Disclaimer: By using this product you acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any detrimental events or health issues that may arise from use. Manufacturers and re-sellers do NOT acquire any responsibility or liability for the handling, use or misuse of this product. 

*Must be 21+ of age to purchase. If you live in the following states, (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin), we CANNOT sell to you.*